Saturday, December 30, 2006

1" Art Squares - Purple/Magenta and Orange

I am in "another" swap!!! Maybe we should start a group called "swapaholics".... I reckon there'd be heaps of members. This is a 1" Art Square swap. We have 7 in a group - we all make 9 x 1" squares of the 7 colours chosen by the participants - so we end up with 63 squares of the colour we chose. I chose red/pink - haven't even started on my colour yet. Here are the art squares for purple/magenta and orange..... Oh, look - there is that "purple lace" again!!!! What am I going to do when it's all gone!!??

Made another tag!!

I made another tag for my tag swap, and added a few more bits to the rectangle ones, which I thought were a bit bluhhhh..... Guess what I added to them - my purple lace fabric!! Boy, is that purple lace getting a good work out. First, it was fabric charms, then earrings, then 1" art squares - now I'm using it to brighten up bluhhhh things. I also have to make an ATC out of it....., but, wait there's more - I have enough left over for a small journal cover. Am I sick of it yet?? No! I actually really like all the texture and the colours on it. It's a great feeling to like something that you've made!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Art Nouveau - Front Cover for Fabric Book

This is my front cover to a fabric page swap I'm participating in with the Fiber Art Friends group. My theme is Art Nouveau. I sewed a design on a few layers of organza, used the soldering iron to cut it out, and then sewed it on to a piece of black velvet. This swap is going to be a huge challenge for me, as the group who is involved are a very talented bunch, and I need to stretch myself to keep up with them!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tag Swap

Another swap finished!! Yeah - this fortnight I have been very disciplined and completed 3 swaps!!, plus sent off my journal quilts. I can now take a big "sigh"'s good to have them done. Next year I don't think I will join so many swaps, and concentrate more on techniques. It really is such a big commitment when you join in on a swap - the last thing I want is to let anyone down. So, this is a Tag swap that I joined - 5 in a group - I made 4 tags. In fact these are a good way to try out new things..... After Christmas, they will be in the post - 3 to America and 1 to Australia.......

Friday, December 22, 2006

ATC - Brown Theme

I belong to an Australian/New Zealand group which swaps fabric ATC's. Each month there is a new theme. This month was "Brown". Boy, was this hard for me - being a pink/purple/red, bright coloured sorta girl!!! Anyway, here it is, and of course I had to add a bit of red/pink and gold. The coloured bits were needle felted previously, then felted onto the background brown felt. I added some eyelets and threaded some lovely pink and gold yarn through to add a bit of colour to the drab old brown.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fabric Charms Sent

I finished the Fabric Charms and sent them off today. Added to them was an eyelet, and some machine made cord for the link to attach them to the bracelet. I also made a pair of earrings out of the charms for Ruth, but the photo (which I tried to fix up - ahhhggg) is really bad.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Journal Quilts Are On Their Way!!

Last night I posted my 5 journal quilts for the AQC (Australian Quilt Convention) in Melbourne, February 2007. It's all very exciting!!

Nell's Christmas Cards

Today I received not one, but THREE Christmas cards from Nell. These photos don't do the cards justice - they really are awesome!! The first card is a Christmas tree made from metal shim with lots of FME added. The second is flowers made from organza with beading placed on a layer of angelina. The third card is an embroidered snowflake placed on some beautiful embroidered fabric. They are wonderful little pieces of art, and I'm going to frame them!! Here's a link to all of Nell's other wonderful art:

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Fabric Charm Bracelet Swap

Cut Into One Inch Squares
I have joined yet another swap - I'm addicted to them!! This was organised by Ruth There are 15 ladies involved, and we all make 15 charms, send them to Ruth, who will organise the charms and then make the bracelets. Thanks Ruth! I made a piece of fabric (see my previous blog), which I have now cut into 1" squares for my charms.

Nice As A Fabric Mosaic
Then I picked out the nicest, textured pieces and have satin stitched the edges. When I've made 15 of them I will add the eyelets for the bracelet links. I really like them just as they are, so don't think I'll add anything to them - but who knows!! Actually I really like them all lined up - would make a great fabric mosaic!! These small one inch pieces could become quite addictive.......

Friday, December 15, 2006

Poor Thing

I have a bit of a "thing" for dolls too? I love character and art dolls. At the beginning of the year I attended a Patti Culea workshop - she is such a wonderful lady. My poor girl below has been without head, arms and legs for such a long time that I think it's about time that I put her all together. Her body and arms are from fabric we made in the workshop, and her skirt is fabric painted with transfer dyes. I'm not too sure if I'm happy with her face, so might have to make another one - her nose is a bit flat! I figured if I put her up here for all to see I might be shamed into finishing her!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My New Blog

Welcome to my new blog! I decided to change blogs from Please go to this blog for all of my old posts.

My previous blog wouldn't allow anyone to RSS feed to it and I wasn't receiving any emails as to new comments, so before I added too much to it - decided to change...... So here I am - my first post on my new blog. Hope everyone finds me okay!!