Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mail Received/Sent - Up a Tree

I received my page from Terri for the FiberArtFriend fabric page swap. It is really beautiful!! Also, with the page I received this wonderful beaded ATC - it's so much better for real - I love it. Thanks so much Terri!!

I made this ATC for a swap with Muriel in France - hope she likes it.

These ATC's were from Nadia in Norway, the wonderful black, white and red one, and from Muriel in France - the beautifully embroidered tree.
Here are my little darlings (little monkeys) - "up a gum tree" at the back of our house.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Little Stamped Books/ATC's Received/Possum on a Full Moon

Here's what I made with some of my dyed fabric. They are only little - about 5" x 3 1/2", and I have sewn a signature inside with 3 sheets of pink paper. The fabric for the front and back cover was from my dyed fabric with an additional stamped piece added to the front cover. For the closure, I braided some yarn and wrapped it around a button. These were inspired by a DVD by Sandra McCall, called Fabricadabra.

More lovely ATC's received!! 1. Beautiful embellished ATC from Waltraud. 2. Gorgeously textured ATC from Peggy. 3. Soooo pretty and in my favourite colours, from Fabienne. Thankyou very much - they are all wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Possum on a Full Moon
Isn't this just beautiful?! My 11 y/o son made it for a 3D project for school. It is hanging up in our living room - he is soooo clever!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fabric Dyeing

Today I tried fabric dyeing for the first time!! Not sure if I did it the "correct" way (if there is a correct way), as every book I read about dyeing was different, so I just sort of picked the easiest bits out of each book. Anyway, here are my results! I'm pretty happy with them. I used fuscia and turquoise MX dyes, and folded and tied the fabrics in different ways - and don't ask me which one is what - I can't remember!! Next time I'll have to write it all down.......

Monday, May 21, 2007

Making your own stamps

I attended a stamp making workshop at Textile Artistry (one of my very favourite stores) with a very talented local artist, Pamela Farmer. We made stamps in a couple of different ways, but the one I was really happy with was carved out of a large piece of rubber (just like an eraser, but much larger). I stamped with it on light fabric with black paint, and then used bleach on black fabric. Both samples turned out really good!! The stamping on the light fabric is just calling out to be over dyed - so when I get out my dyes this week and learn how to dye, I might just add that as well. (oooohhh scary......).

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Notebook Covers/ATC's

I finally have my computer back from the Computer Dr. It was one sick computer!!! Turned itself on in the middle of the night - just like it had a mind of its own. Turned itself off ALL the time - until it decided it just didn't want to work at all. So sorry if I haven't replied to any messages or acknowledged comments - but now we're back, me and my computer!!! All fixed and raring to go!!!!!

I have made 2 more notebook covers as they're such fun to make and so easy to put together. Mum received one for Mothers Day, and the other one is for a special friend. I now need to learn how to dye my own fabric to make lots more with. I have the dye - just need a few days to myself to get started. Next week is looking okay at the moment - keep my fingers crossed!!

Remember this fabric? Maybe not - well now it is ATC's.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Terri's Page for FAF

This month's FAF fabric page swap is for Terri, and the theme is Nature. I painted and stamped the background. I used diluted pant for the sky and stamped painted bubble wrap for the grass and flowers. I then did a lot of FME and appliqued the flowers and the butterflies. I know Terri LOVES flowers, so hope this fits into her fabric book okay.......

Tagged Again!!

Waltraud tagged me again!!! Now, I'm meant to name 7 random things about myself, and then I tag 7 other people, and then they do the same.

1. I am a bit of an exercise fanatic! Not as bad as I used to be when I was younger, but I still get out and ride my bike, run and swim. I love triathlons, but haven't competed for about 5 years....just dream about it at the moment.

2. I LOVE to meet my friends for a cappucino. It would have to be one of my favourite things to do.

3. My 3 boys are very precious and I love them to bits!!!!

4. Fantasy novels - love them!!!! I just drift off into a world of Faeries, and I am happy.....

5. The beach is my favourite place to visit, and I dream of living right next to the beach so I can hear the waves crashing at night.

6. Johnny Depp is my dream man!!! (Sorry Phil) Well, a girl can dream can't she!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. My favourite food is the vanilla slice - I LOVE them. I am an expert on vanilla slices and seek out all the best places to buy them.

Now, I have to tag 7 people. Okay, here we go again - and this is going to be very random.
Mags, Doreen, SueB, Terri, Jacqueline, Lynda and CarolT. (Sorry ladies!!)

Friday, May 4, 2007

Felted Wallhanging

I love wet felting!! Once you get started on it, there is a nice kind of rhythm involved and it has a sort of remedial effect. So, this piece was started while I was watching T.V. one night. I made the background felt first, which is merino wool, silk tops and silk throwsters waste. Then I made the flowers, and it all evolved from there. I added a few of the TAST stitches, so I can now tick a couple more off my list - couching and running stitch.