Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Internet Dramas!!!!

Having a fight with my internet provider at the moment! Can't do much over cyberspace until it's all settled. Hope to catch up with everyone SOOOOOON!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thread Sandwich

This is a piece I played with the other day. I layed snippets of thick wool between fusible web and chiffon, ironed it all to seal it. I then did lots of hand embroidery with different stitches and thread, then zapped it with the heat gun. In some places it needed toning down a bit so I added some treasure gold (of course!!!). I'm thinking of cutting it up to place on the front of some book covers.......not really sure yet.
I'm off to Bendigo for a few days to visit my Mum and Dad - catch you when I get back!!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lots of Mail!!!

These ATC's are from a swap I did with Isle from Belgium. Ilse and a couple of others organised a huge ATC display with ATC's from all over the world. It looked fantastic.... I made 4 ATC's, which when put together looked like our Australian "Red Centre". This beautiful postcard is from my lovely friend Doreen! It really is gorgeous - wonderful colours - love it. Thanks Doreen!!
And look what I have here!!! Dot you are so generous. I received these 2 very beautiful dolls in the mail. Now I have my very own original Dotee Doll from the lady herself. THANKYOU!!
And take a look at this girl with attitude......I just love her face. There are so many wonderful embellishments on both of these dolls, and lots of work goes into each one. Love them!!!!

Also, I received a double whammy from Mags. A birthday postcard - a beautifully stitched fan with wonderful texture..... And, below a fabric page which was from the Fibre Art Friends group fabric page swap. It is just gorgeous, I love it!! Thanks Mags!!! As this is the last page for the swap, I now have to think about how to bind them all together. That might also have to wait for the New Year (like everything else!!). Boy, am I going to be busy in the New Year.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

To my Wonderful Blog Buddies

Thankyou so much for coming back, even though I've been such a "very bad" blogger lately..... I am determined to try and keep up more with my posts and your posts in the New Year - it will be my New Years Resolution. As well as being on time!!!!!! So thankyou for sticking by me!! At the moment I am a bit busy with work and making stuff for our school Country Carnival. My boys all have their birthdays at the end of the year - October, November, December - then there's Christmas.......etc, etc...... I know, excuses, excuses....... Anyway, I'm still here, and "I will be back!!!!"

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Patti Culea's Tome/Postcards

Yesterday Cath, the owner of my favourite shop Textile Artistry, and I ran a Patti Culea Tome group. The Tome is a fabric book, and each page of the book shows a different technique. The next two photos show the front and back cover of the Tome which I made - in fact this is the second one I've made. I wanted to be sure I got it just right before the group got together. I met Patti about a year or so ago, at a doll workshop in Bendigo. She is so lovely, with a wonderful, bubbly personality. Seeing as though I was heading back to Melbourne, I was lucky enough to spend some more time with Patti driving her to the airport. You should check out the Tome series, especially if you're interested in learning the different techniques with all of those amazing textile materials that are out there now......
These are from the ladies in the group (lacking hair, face and embellishments). Most of the ladies managed to do the front and back cover to near completion - only the final touches left....... Can't wait to see them all finished!!
Today I made a couple of postcards. These are made with paper towel, foil and some FME. I'm really happy with how they turned out.