Sunday, January 27, 2008

Take It Further Challenge/January Journal Quilt

It's about time I started with TIFC. I was soooo bad with Sharon's last challenge TAST, that this time, I'm determined to keep up. I decided to stick with the colour way option of the challenge. I started out with a piece of painted vilene, layered with painted organza strips, and then did lots of free motion embroidery to depict grass and flowers in a field. This first photo is up to that step.
The photo below has hand embroidery added, plus bits of roving couched on to look like a flower (don't ask me what flower!!) I haven't finished yet - lots more hand embroidery to be added, and then I need to decide if I'll zap back the organza. I do like to zap - so I probably will succumb!!
I think I will also make this into my January journal quilt for "seasons" and call it "The Disorder of a Spring Garden". Australia/New Zealand Art Quilters Group have a monthly journal quilt project happening, which I also have my name down to do. Don't know if it will be feasible to incorporate both of these challenges/projects each month, but I think it works well for this month.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Play Day

I made this piece on the weekend. It's Christmas tinsel, and yarn between two layers of blue plastic, which I painted with red acrylic paint. I put it under the embellisher, then zapped with the heat gun. I did some FME on it and a little bit of hand embroidery.
Then I cut it up and now it's a postcard and an ATC.

These 2 postcards were made from a piece I made a while back. I have used the embellisher on a purple wool block I had knitted. I layered pieces of synthetic yarn and bits of wool roving over the knitting and needle punched them. Then I did some FME and zapped with the heat gun.
Lastly I made a couple of bookmarks out of some painted paper towel I had lying around. I really love the feel of the paper towels and have been using these a lot lately. They are great to sew and have a lovely soft feel to them.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Post from Doreen/Dinner tonight

I received a lovely post from Doreen. This wonderful January postcard for our group Calendar Girls. It really is gorgeous, and one word I would describe for it is very "elegant". I love it - thanks Doreen!!
Also I was the lucky winner of 2 wonderful ATC's from Doreen. Thankyou Stephen (Doreen's hubby who picked my name out of the hat)...... They are both fantastic, and my photo of them doesn't do the colours justice.
And, to top it all off - a lovely handmade card also from Doreen. She is such a clever lady!!!!
This is what we're having for tea tonight! My lovely hubby (cough, cough) - made some big, beautiful vegetable pasties, and also made some tomato sauce from our very own tomatoes. Yum! Yum!! Don't they look delicious!!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tome No. 2

Today I had my 3rd workshop for Patti's Tome series at Textile Artistry. This week we started on Tome No. 2, and the technnique for this page was inkjet transfers and photo collage. I've posted the photos for my page (front and back) - but you will have to wait for photos of the class participants until next time - as they weren't completed enough for a photo. This series of workshops started out a bit scary, but the ladies coming each week are all so lovely, that now I'm feeling very at ease with the "teacher" bit.

*I made my Tome page a "Sea World" theme - where I worked in my early 20's *
* The little doll fits inside the pocket ***

Friday, January 11, 2008

Little book in Patti Culea style

I made this little book in the style of Patti Culea's Tome series. It's a much smaller version, and I've added painted and stamped paper signatures. There is also a surprise here and there on some of the pages. Hanging on the flower on the inside cover is one of the little birds which I had previously made (blogged a while back)..... I made this for one of my "cyberspace buddies".

Postcards/Calendar Girls 2008

I have received 3 x beautiful postcards recently - here they are:

This one is from Angela ( a late birthday postcard - but definitely worth the wait). I love the cutouts - it's really effective. Thanks Angela! Sorry Angela, but I can't find your blog - I know I had it.....duh, old age is creeping in........

Such a beautiful ethereal look to this one from Jacqueline. The leaves look like they're buried in the snow. I love it - thanks Jacqueline.

A lovely Christmas card from Waltraud!! It really is special - I think the gold heart in the middle is made from Tyvek. It's very festive and was a wonderful surprise in my letter box. Thanks so much Waltraud!! (Sorry, it's posted sideways .....)



This last one I made for the Calendar Girls 2008 postcard swap. This is my interpretation of the January calendar image, which you can see on the Calendar Girls blog, and is going to Debbi. Hope you like it Debbi!!!. It's mainly been made with the embellisher - with the addition of hand and machine embroidery.