Saturday, April 28, 2007

Queen Di/ATC's on their way to Europe!!

Phil bought an antique chair for me - makes me feel like a queen when I sit in it. Just call me Queen Di. I think it belongs in Mag's castle......

These were sent yesterday (sorry ladies for being so late).

Hope they arrive safe and sound!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

ATC's Received

I received two wonderful ATC's in the mail The first one is from Jacqueline. It's made with beautiful marbled fabric - which you have to see for real to appreciate. I love it Jacqueline - thanks so much! And, the 2nd ATC is from Barbara. I have been admiring these ATC's of Barbara's and now I have one. It has a painted background with writing and is embellished with hand embroidery and beading. It's beautiful. ... Thankyou Barbara! They are both such wonderful additions to my growing ATC collection.... I wonder - How many ATC's do you have? I now have exactly 40. I love sifting through them and looking at all the different techniques and styles from the artists I receive them from. There must be some people out there who have a HUGE collection. What does everyone do with their ATC collection? I would love to know, as mine are all in very old, very small suitcase at the moment. I think they need to be displayed!!!!! Ideas would be most appreciated........

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

There's nothing like an award to bring someone out of their artistic "slump". Waltraud has named me for the "Thinking Blogger Award". I can't believe it - I feel very honoured that Waltraud thinks that I deserve it - thankyou so much!! It is just what I need at this time - and pushed me back into my "little" art/craft room to do some creating (see my previous post)...... Now, I am meant to name 5 other blogs for this award - and that in itself is very hard!! I read so many wonderfully creative blogs from so many talented textile artists - so who do I pick - geez!!
Okay, here goes:

1. SueB - Sue is so talented and just creates, creates, creates - to the amazement of all of us. She is also such a generous artist and shares many of her wonderful projects with the rest of us.

2. Emmy - Emmy is one of my all time favourite textile artists. Just take a look at her blog and you will understand why.

3. Jacqueline - I love Jacqueline's blog!! She is an amazing textile artist from Nederland, and lucky for us - also writes her blog in English.

4. Lynda - Lynda does the most amazing textile experiments of all times - explaining as she goes along what she has done and used and posts pictures of the progress.

5. Terri - Terri's textile art is gorgeous. She has such a wonderful whimsical style, which includes such lovely colours and designs.

Now, I have HAD to chose ONLY 5, which was REALLY HARD!!! There are many others I would like to have added, including - DebH, Doreen, Mags, CarolM, VickiW , etc, etc, etc - I could go on, and on, and on..... There's also some others that have already been chosen for the award....... But that's it, I have to get up at 4.30 a.m. tomorrow, as I start work at 6, so I have to get to bed!!! Hope you all have a wonderful day/night - goodnight from Oz!!

Notebook Covers

Ever since I have changed art/craft rooms, my motivation to create seems to have deserted me. I don't know how to explain it - it just went a wandering..... Anyway, I went into my little room and just sat there for a while, and these 3 little notebook covers are the product of my musings. They are much smaller than SueB's padfolios, and all created in one piece. The little notebook inside has written on the cover "To a Special Friend" or "To a Special Person" so they will make lovely birthday presents. I'm going to have to head back down to the shop and clean them out of these notebooks, as they're perfect!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

"Go Girl" Bag/Parcel from Emmy

"Go Girl" Bag
I purchased a "Go Girl" bag from Terri - when she said they were on sale, I just couldn't help myself. It is just adorable, and I have already received a number of compliments when I've worn
it shopping. I love it Terri!!!

Parcel from Emmy
This is my "Art Nouveau" page from Emmy (part of the Fiber Art Friends page swap). It is stunning - as is all Emmy's fibre art. I also received a beeooootiful mobile phone holder from Emmy. I can remember commenting on this a while back, and now IT IS MINE!!! Emmy and I have known one another over cyberspace for quite a while now, and I admire her talent and her
generosity in sharing her skills with others. Thankyou Emmy!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Birthday Postcards

My creation
Originally uploaded by FaeryDi.
These will be on their way soon!! My postcards for the Fiber Art Friends April Birthday girls. (I know there is one extra, but I had to add 6 photos to make the mosiac, so I duplicated)...... In fact, one is for a March girl - but it's just a little late.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Emmy's Page

Today I started and finished (yeah!!) Emmy's page for the Fiber Art Friends fabric page swap. Emmy's theme is blue/green (I hope that's what it is). The middle panel is FME on synthetic felt, which I zapped with the heat gun, then more FME over the top. I then rubbed purple Treasure Gold over the top to emphasise the texture. I sewed the panel onto some needle punched silk fabric. Out of the silk fabric which was left over, I then made 2 flower shapes which I attached together with the Xpression, and added some silk chiffon in the middle. The label was also made from the silk fabric, and I added some yarns and beads/charms to it.

Emmy's Page

More Great Mail!

I received a wonderful parcel from Carol!! The padfolio, which was from the Fiber Art Friends padfolio swap, is absolutely stunning!!! The colours and the texture on this are just fantastic - it is so much better for real than in a photo - thanks so much Carol!!! I also received a postcard on the inside pocket of the padfolio which is also lovely.....

Not only did I receive the padfolio from Carol, but it was our month for the Fiber Art Friends fabric page swap. The page is gorgeous, and I love how Carol has made a matching tag, with a photo of the page on it. Thanks again Carol!

I also received 2 x ATC's. The very pretty Spring Flower ATC is from Annica, and the lovely needle felted and beaded card is from Fabienne in France. Thanks so much ladies!!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

I'm Back!!

2 weeks school holidays - what fun!!!!??? We've just returned from a 5 day holiday at Waratah Bay - my favourite spot ever! We stay in a cabin which is situated right on the beach, and it's such a quiet, secluded area - I LOVE it!! I've posted a picture of my boys standing on the beach, and our cabin is right above them. At nights you can hear the waves crashing - it's fantastic. My dream is to live right on the beach like this!!! (Except the house would definitely have to be much larger - or else I'd go bonkers)..... The other picture is the view we receive from the cabin.......