Thursday, February 14, 2008

Calendar Girls - February Postcards

Calendar Girls - February Postcard

This beautiful postcard is from Jenny from Calendar Girls. I really love it!! They are very much my colours, and all of the different fibres she has used look gorgeous together. Thanks Jenny!!

To Send

This is my Calendar Girls postcard for the month of February. I have used fabric which showed blurred images of flowers. I made this fabric by blotting the excess paint from the fabric collage in my previous post. The images of the lace flowers came out in a kind of blurry water colour effect, and I also added a few simple stamps to the background. The vase is appliqued and the rest is freemotion embroidery. This card is for Carol T!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Tome No. 4

Tome No. 4

Further to the Patti Culea Tome workshops, here is Tome No. 4. I really loved creating this page - front and back. The front page (the mermaid) was to learn the technique of painting on fabric and the second page incorporated painting and fabric collage. These are my pages. I'll take a photo of the pages from the ladies in the workshop at our next monthly Tome group. They all did a wonderful job!!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


I just want to thank EVERYONE for your very kind wishes regarding Phil - I've passed them onto him and he said "thanks". He comes home from the hospital today or tomorrow, so that's when Nurse Dianne and Patient Phil will kick in. Let's hope it is a smooth "working relationship!" (LOL)

Friday, February 8, 2008

TIF Challenge/Lovely Post/Cyber Fyber/Dramas at Home

January Journal Quilt
(The Disorder of a Spring Garden)

Well, here's my finished journal quilt for the TIF challenge. I'm really happy with the end result, even though I really didn't do much more with it than mentioned in the last post. I added some artificial silk flowers, a golden spider's web in the corner, and zapped the organza back. For the binding I just zig zagged on some lovely yarn. This is also going to be my January journal quilt for the ANZ Art Quilters Group - "The Disorder of a Spring Garden".


I received this gorgeous Garden Fairy as a lovely surprise post from Elizabeth! I admire Elizabeth's work so much, and visit her blog regularly. Now I'm the lucky owner of this little fairy...... She certainly came at a time when I needed her most!! Thanks Elizabeth!!!!


I swapped an ATC and Postcard with Susan who has started up a wonderful site CYBER FYBER, where you can swap an ATC or Postcard with Susan, and then receive the same back. Now, what an opportunity to be the lucky owner of some of Susan's wonderful art. She is a very talented artist!!!!! Thanks Susan...... Make sure you go and take a look at the blog where this is all happening - what a fantastic idea. (Sorry about the ATC photo! The ATC is just gorgeous, with beautiful hand stitching.)


Had some drama here at home, which explains why I haven't been around much. I also may not be able to post too much either - or visit many blogs - but I will certainly do my best!!!

My husband, Phil, was hit by a car whilst riding his push bike. He's in hopsital with lots of cuts and bruises (some worse than others), and a broken hip. The surgeons are happy with the hip operation and say Phil should get full use of his leg. So we're very happy!!! But now, I have my DH home and not able to put any weight on his leg for 12 weeks. 12 WEEKS!!!!!!!!! So, doing any creating will depend on how "Nurse Dianne" copes with Phil. Plus work, kids and all the other stuff...... Hopefully we'll catch up again soon!