Saturday, February 9, 2008


I just want to thank EVERYONE for your very kind wishes regarding Phil - I've passed them onto him and he said "thanks". He comes home from the hospital today or tomorrow, so that's when Nurse Dianne and Patient Phil will kick in. Let's hope it is a smooth "working relationship!" (LOL)


Debbi Baker said...

Thinking of you both and hoping that it works out OK! Nothing quite like a captive incapacitated male personage to test the strength of one "nurse's" patience and serenity! Seriously though I hope he makes a very quick and full recovery.

linda stokes said...

So sorry to hear of your husbands accident, hope he recovers quickly & well.
Love your TIF journal quilt too.
Very best wishes to you & family.

Emmy said...

OOO that is bad news I hope it will turn out for the better take care and all the best to your DH and to you .
Your work is so wonderful as always
warm regards from your dutch cyber friend Emmy

Dot said...

Very sorry to hear about Phil's accident and hope he heals quickly.

Colorfuldayz said...

Oh wow! So sorry to hear about the accident, but very happy to hear that all injuries are "healable". I will be sending you good thoughts ... hopefully your patient will be PATIENT with his lack of mobility!